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Different Types of Leather for Premium Furniture

When it comes to quality and luxury, leather is second to none. Leather pieces on furniture items not only add value to aesthetics but also improve the sophistication and lifespan of the furniture product. The use of leather in the furniture market is too common. Almost every quality furniture item now available in the market is somehow using different types of leather.
Before you decided to add class and quality to your furniture items, make sure you know the right leather type as per your needs. In this article, we are going to discuss different types of leather, benefits, and best applications of each type.

Different Types of Leather

Leather items work perfectly fine in almost all environments, including home, office, and entertainment centers. Formation, texture, and feel of leather can vary so, let’s dig deeper into different typed of leather for better understanding:

Pigmented Leather

Pigmented leather is said to be the most durable leather type in terms of quality and resistance against external factors. Pigment particles are used on the buffed surface of raw leather to minimize the natural scarring. The use of pigments results in a perfectly opaque finish. The depth of the buffing required can vary for different raw materials. Many coatings and layers build a new surface on pigmented leather that prevents the absorption of any liquid or chemical. Still, the polymer coating is done in such a way that it allows the leather to breathe.

For the grain pattern, pigmented leather is further embossed. The additional layers and coatings offer better resistance against scratches and other marks. In the market, pigmented leather is mostly used in waterproof jackets, sophisticated furniture items, and car seat covers.


  • More durable and longer lifespan
  • Enhanced resistance against liquid absorption
  • The clear and opaque surface

Bonded Leather

If we consider the technical specifications of bonded leather, calling it leather might be misleading the consumer. Bonded leather is more like vinyl. There is no question about the quality and class of bonded leather, but its manufacturing process is different from other leather types.

Keeping it simple, bonded leather is a perfect blend of fake and real leather. The scraps from different leather projects are collected and rolled up using the glue to create bonded leather. The original leather is found in a smaller portion from 20% to 30% of the overall material. China is the largest producer of bonded leather; so many questions arise about the quality of bonded leather. The surface of furniture items with bonded leather is found to peel within two years. Many other countries don’t allow the manufacturers to label this material like leather.


  • This is a cost-effective choice for furniture items and other applications
  • Unlike full grain leather, the texture of bonded leather is smooth and free of imperfections
  • Different colors and styles are available for bonded leather
  • The smell is not very different from original leather

Aniline Leather

If you want to feel the luxury and softness of leather with no additional colors, then aniline leather is the perfect choice for your furniture. The selection of only premium leather makes aniline leather the most expensive leather type available in the market.

As no additional coatings and chemicals are added to the surface of aniline leather, so it is more vulnerable to liquid absorption. If you want the same classic feel of aniline leather with a better protective surface, you can go for semi-aniline leather. You may not have to spend as much on semi-aniline leather as compared to pure aniline leather.


  • Only premium hides are selected for aniline leather products
  • No toxic materials are used in aniline leather
  • It is both supple and soft
  • Offers a premium look on furniture items

Full Grain Leather

This is the finest quality leather where no additional processes are performed on the hides except removing the animal hair. After the removal of hair from the surface, natural hides are soaked into natural dye without any further processing or buffing to remove the scarring and imperfection.

Full-grain leather lies at the top rank of all leather types due to authentic feel and natural texture. Full grain leather breathes naturally, so it provides better resistance against weather variations. The top quality of natural hides makes it the most durable and sophisticated leather. Different protective layers and coatings can be added to the full grain leather items.


  • No use of chemicals makes it unique and aesthetically perfect
  • Full grain leather ages beautifully
  • The quality of natural hides is way better than other leather types
  • Low maintenance is required for full grain leather

Top Grain Leather

If you are not a big fan of natural scarring and imperfections, then top grain leather is exclusively for you. This is the more processed form of full grain leather. As the natural porosity of leather is taken away, so additional processing prevents the natural breathing of leather. Top grain leather will be hot in summer and cold in winter. Except for different temperature resistance levels, top grain leather feels like full grain leather.

For commercial furniture where you need better aesthetics at affordable cost, you can choose top grain leather over full grain leather. The durability of top grain leather is less than full grain leather but better than other leather types.


  • It is less expensive than full grain leather
  • Feels more like full grain leather
  • The quality is near to the top-ranked leathers

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