New for Home Design 2020


There is no doubt that everyone has had a difficult start to 2020 and life had to change a bit to accommodate restrictions and staying indoors more. But why should this be a bad thing? It’s the perfect time to get acquainted with your house and really make it a home you enjoy hanging out in!

Amongst the chaos, 2020 has new styles in home décor that is exactly what the everyday consumer needs. No more of fast seasonal trends that leave your house a cluster of odds and ends. It is time to make sure of all the grey and neutral toned furniture and décor you purchased and make it pop! This year we are celebrating COLOUR from navy paints to floral wallpaper and furniture that compliments.

Bring vibrancy into your home with abstract colour designs of navy blue, mustard, mauve and blush pink! Splash it over your grey lounge suit, off- white bedroom or modern kitchen with patterned cushions, blankets, kitchen crockery or wall art. Furniture design styles have always been a compliment or contrast to home décor so do not be afraid to experiment.

It is no question that the everyday person is becoming more conscientious when it comes to environmentally friendly materials and natural products. That is why this year you will see furniture made more from woods, concrete, bamboo and organic materials - helping you create a space that’s eye-catching yet eco-friendly.

Even though trends come and go there is no denying this year’s designs will be one you want to maintain in your home. Rattan and Wicker furniture is surfacing again which beautifully lets natural light flow through and is a melody of modern and traditional style.

However, do not let sales fool you; natural wicker is not intended for outdoor use and no amount of waterproofing will protect your newest love from the raining, sun and wind. Be sure to purchase resin wicker if it is going to be exposed to the elements to preserve the integrity and product.  

Next on the list for 2020 trends is functionality and making use of the space we have! Originally made for small condo's or apartments, functional furniture is all about superior construction with cleaver functionality. This style of furniture brings more storage into your space as to not clutter it and maintain the style and feel of your room. It brings you versatility while not deterring from modern design. 

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