New Year New You!

Top Furniture and Interior Design trends for 2021!

It goes without saying that 2020 has been a year of the unexpected. Being stuck in quarantine really helped us all realise how important it is to design a space we can enjoy, relax in, that is functional, comfortable and a reflection of us.
We have embraced bold mustard straight lined sofas and occasional chairs, to touches of navy blues paired with neutral colour tones for elegantly bold accents. Not all will be forgotten however once we leave 2020 behind us and we suspect a few things will remain the same with design making the most impact.

Velvet furniture - Out with The Old, In with The New.

Do not be mistaken by the 18th century style; modern and contemporary designs featuring wishbone curves, button back chairs and slimline legs are giving the old a new facelift. 


Navy Blue seems to be following us into the new year which is a most welcomed friend as the colour is smart and holds a contrasting balance to warmer greys and whites. We expect to see more of soft peach, mossy green, and aqua tones to suit any interior personality.

Neutral and Warm Colour trends - Earth Tones


Looking at the complete picture of expected Home Décor and Furniture trends in 2021, it is not surprising that we can see warm and rustic colours flowing through our rooms next year. These colours lead us to a more natural, sustainable atmosphere that is associated with landscape and culture heritage. Whether you want to create a calming, peaceful zone, or paint feature walls with deep earthy tones to bring a nourishing atmosphere, these colours will match perfectly with on trend soft velvet furniture or a costal rattan style.


On the other hand, we are reinventing the previous trends of greys and whites by adding a soft splash of earthy greens and browns to highlight neutral shades. These combinations work in harmony together and if you are the kind of person to have accent furniture and not walls, then these colours will be the perfect addition to bring attention to your room without overpowering your senses.

Organic Materials - Meld home and nature


Marble and Concrete will be centre stage next year with a variety of applications from Home Décor to Furniture and Bathroom designs. But different from other years, you can see more pinks, blacks, and grey colours throughout the home instilling a durable and contemporary impression. You will find a lot of marble especially in coffee tables, lamp bases, bedside tables and buffets. In short, you will want to get familiar with marble as it is going to appear in many forms.




Rattan, Wicker and Cane furniture has been on the rise in popularity for several years and we cannot see the love for these unique, handmade creations to disappear anytime soon. You will be seeing many brands releasing collections with a more sustainable feel and use of natural materials as demanded by interior stylists and the everyday shopper. Just like 2021's expected velvet furniture trend, you will notice more rounded curves and slimline legs on chairs and bar stools which will make them easy to match and style in your home. There will also be a large dominance of fully weaved rattan outdoor furniture with light neutral colour cushions for an extra resort living atmosphere.
Do not be shy to bring multiple pieces of natural material together as wood and rattan flow perfectly together and can be paired with bold warm colours to match your personality.


Linen is the perfect light weight material to pair with any of 2021's interior design trends as furniture, bed sheets, blankets, or curtains. It is the perfect summer blend that is easily acquired and can still be a statement such as a High Back Linen Dining Chair.  

Statement Décor - Making a Small Impact




Lights are sometimes so underestimated and valued in a home and it can be forgotten, of their true impact in a room. Next year we are excited that they will finally be fully appreciated as a standalone statement. We see large Chandeliers over dining tables, Ceiling Pendants above bedside tables and unique Floor Lamps with marble bases that are sure to create a warm ambience.


Mirrors are an important part of any room you are wanting to create a sense of space and light. However, you can be sure to expect Mirrors that do not have a plain straight-lined boarder, but bold rattan, gold or metal artwork encapsulating them. These will bring a wow factor into your hallways, dining rooms above your features buffet or living room fireplace. We absolutely love the detail and thought that goes into designing such a functional item and believe they will be appreciated in many homes next year.
Now that you have been armed with 2021 Interior Design Trends and what to expect we have no doubt you'll be searching high and low for the perfect addition to your current décor and interior. Desired Furniture has a wide range of Linen, Rattan, Marble, Wood and Colours available for you to browse through at great prices to help you achieve you 2021 look. 

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