Top 5 Modern Interior Designs of 2021 so far.

As we approach the end of the financial year its always nice to reflect on how we blossomed into 2021. We all hoped that once lockdown was lifted at the end of 2020 that we'd have all our freedom back by now and be sippn' cocktails on the beach, but oh' were we wrong. 

Finding ourselves going in and out of lockdown, Australian's have learnt to take care of their homes and truly make it a space they want to spend time in and proud of. This means more comfortable spaces, a well thought out Home Office and interior design that embraces natural tones and happy colours. 


Comfortable living in every room!

If your after an on trend interior style, then comfort is at the top of that list. From the bedroom to the lounge and dining room, all we want is to either work from home or come home to a space that's warm and inviting. 

Don't be afraid to still play with colours and shapes when it comes to couches and décor. One trend you'll see a lot of is curved sofas embracing velvet which gives a sense of luxury within your home.


Reclaimed Wood mixed with fabrics. 

Being stuck inside has moved us to bringing the outside world in. Nearly everyone these days has a corner of beloved plants their trying to keep alive and the same is for Reclaimed and Recycled Wooden Furniture. 

The natural textures and unique grain of each piece can create a warm earthy vibe in the dining room or living room. Most common are Dining tables paired with chairs upholstered in a neutral toned fabric, adding that comfort we talked about earlier. 

If you're wanting to take your love for sustainability to the next level, check out The Wood Project Pty Ltd who are a local company that salvages timber "with a unique back story of the tree's history".  


Photo by Thorn Yang from Pexels

Matching Furniture in the home. 

Creating a sense of flow and natural movement with your furniture is a smart interior design trend but sometimes we can get carried away with this. The cleaver thing to do is spread the furniture collection evenly throughout the home and not all in one space; like buying all bedside tables, chest of draws, cabinet and bed frame the same.

Space these larger collection pieces in different rooms which tie the home together.

Another great tip is to limit the colour scheme of the room to allow all the pieces to compliment one another. Have you noticed when looking at lifestyle images online that there is an overall theme in the room? Dig deeper into this with a great read by Mydomain

One example is the Plantation Collection (See picture: Cafe Lighting & Living). 




Home Offices reinvented.

Working from home has become a norm these days and the more you talk to people, the more you find out how much we LOVE IT! Office workers are enjoying no morning commutes stuck in traffic and gone the days when fluorescent tube lights blind you from above. Sure, we miss the light hearted chats and laughs with colleagues to break up the work day, but it's still possible!

We live in a world consumed by technology and gone the days where the only way to have a meeting was face-to-face; thanks to video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Skype and Google Hangout. Now Home Office's are a must so you can continue that office interaction which enjoying all the benefits from home.

It's important to consider your home office environment, so take note of these tips: 

> Is there natural light so you stay engaged and awake throughout your work day?

> Add a splash of colour to keep your vibes fun and vibrant. 

> Minimise distractions from family by choosing a room with a door and perhaps noise cancelling headphone to keep you in the zone. 

> The right chair is everything. Just because your at home dosn't mean you can forget about your posture and desk set up. Pay attention to the height of your computer, support from your chair and keyboard position. Office ergonomics is important.   

> Get organised with storage, stationary and files that match your home interior. Make it a space you feel excited to walk into in the mornings.    

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels


Modern Farmhouse styling.

We have elevated the classic Farmhouse look into a more sophisticated and fresh appearance. Moving away from distressed timer and taking advantaged of Reclaimed Woods, we find the 2021 Farmhouse vibe appreciates a combination of vintage and new furniture. Tying all our favourite trends together to create a space that's comfortable and nostalgic. 

Joanna Gains says, in their blog, that "Because of the farmhouse’s unique footprint, it really forced me to take my time furnishing it. You’ll notice that a few original pieces have remained on our walls or displayed on shelves...It is this blending of the old and new that makes interior design such gratifying and creative work."

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